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           DEFINITIONS: A. In language: the slaughter by anesthesia before slaughterB. In stilah: namely an activity, occupation or activity of killing the animal or animals using tools or sharp objects to the veins of the neck and the respiratory tract. To be halal slaughtered animals and should not be eaten so the slaughter of animals should be in accordance with the rules of the religion of Islam.


I. 1.Fatwa MUI its meeting on Monday, the 24th of Shawwal 1396 AH / October 18, 1976 memfatwakan slaughtering animals mechanically.

Theorem1. Q.S Al An'am: 121It means: "And do not eat of what (animal meat) which (when killed) is not called gods name, the action was really - really a wicked ........."After God told eating sacrifices-sacrifices called the name of God when slaughtered, then in this verse Allah forbids Muslims not to eat animals that are not mentioned the name of Allah when slaughtered, because of what it includes a wicked deeds.About eating beast called the name of God when slaughtered, there is some opinion among Islamic scholars. According to Imam Malik, all of which are slaughtered without mentioning the name of Allah when eaten haram slaughter. According to Imam Abu Hanifah, if God's name is not mentioned on purpose, then haramlah eat meat slaughtered it, and if it does not call for forgetting, it is halal to eat. And according to Imam Shafi'i, all animals when slaughtered not mentioned the name of Allah, either intentionally or due to forgetfulness, the meat should be eaten, as long as people are slaughtered Muslims. And verily, the demons, jinn and man whispered to his friend that denies fellow Muslims. Ikrimah said, "Satan of Zoroastrianism group after hearing that the Prophet Muhammad, forbid carcasses, they wrote to the Quraish who at that time held frequent correspondence with people Zoroastrianism. In the letter they state" Muhammad claimed he was following God's command , but why do they think that the man who slaughtered by halal slaughtered by Allah (carcass) is haram? Then Allah revealed this verse. So if the Muslims to follow the will of the idolaters on the carcass so they certainly justify belonged idolaters. This verse indicates that those who justify something that is forbidden by Allah or God forbid something that is permitted, then they are among the idolaters, for then they had set the people are entitled to make their own Shari'a besides Allah Ta'ala.2. word of the Prophet, "Verily Allah has set ihsan (goodness) to everything. When you kill, kill in a good way and when you slaughter the sembelihlah in a good way. Let one of you sharpen knives and sembelihannya happy. "3. (Narrated by Muslim) slaughter a requirement dihalalkannya strangled animals, falling headlong over the animals were still engaged or there are signs of life in him,4. Q. S Al-An'am: 3Meaning: "Forbidden to you memakanbangkai, blood, pork, and meat not slaughtered in the name of Allah, the strangled, the beaten, the fall, the headlong, and were attacked by wild animals, except that you could kill it ........."According to a history of Ibn Hibban said, "The companions of the Prophet came, when they lit a fire under the cauldron which contained meat carcasses, then this verse came down, they telungkupkan cauldron was to throw it. Forbidden foods are:1. Carcass, the animal that died without being slaughtered. Among the lessons among others are forbidden carrion, because the carcass was loaded with germs that are very harmful to health in addition to a disgusting situation.2. The blood, the blood that flows out of the animal body, as slaughtered or others. Wisdom of blood is forbidden, among others, because it contains germs and dirty substances from the body and is difficult to digest.3. Pork, including all of its members. Lessons are forbidden pork, among others, because it contains bacilli (germs) which is very dangerous because it likes to eat pig carcasses rats and dirty substances and also difficult to digest4. Animals were slaughtered by calling or exalt the name of other than Allah, such as the name of an idol or honor, wisdom was therefore illegitimate to Allah.5. Strangled animals. Many opinions about what is explained by the strangled them to death for tied and so on, so the animal dies in a state of helplessness. Wisdom wisdom illegitimate bastard with carcasses.6. Struck dead animals, dead animals are hit with a hard object or a heavy object. Wisdom is illegitimate according to some opinion because the blood in his body buried not out, thus ruining the meat

v TOOLS USEDThe instrument used was a sharp instrument, blunt instrument not allowed to slaughter animals:1. Gear2. Nail3. Bone4. Power / on stun5. Blunt object to hit6. Archery7. Boomerang8. Chopsticks9. Cudgel10. Hammer / mallet, etc.

TERMS SAH animal slaughter1. Eat unclean animals (dogs, cats, pigs, etc.)2. Animals still alive (not carcasses)3. Slaughtered in the name of Islam and Allah swt4. Slaughtering is done consciously.

TERMS PEOPLE slaughter1. Rational2. Muslim3. Scribes

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